Scales Beat Fur: Why Exotic Reptiles Rule as Pets

Pet owners, what do you feel is the hardest part about having an animal companion? Is it the feeding, lifestyle, or training? Does cleaning up after it make you groan and sigh? What if you had a pet that was not just a good pet, but a fantastic pet?

Welcome to the wild world of exotic reptiles! Many may say that having lizards and snakes as pets are not for the faint of heart, but maybe these seven reasons will show you that your heart is bigger than you thought.

Take Your Pet Anywhere

Reptiles, especially exotic ones, need a very particular place to sleep, eat, and move around. For the most part, they are better left in an enclosure suited for their size. This may seem like a negative to those who prefer having pets free and out in the open. However, having a reptile in a portable enclosure or small habitat can mean taking them anywhere you want without risk of them running away or having negative interactions with others. Rather than worrying about your dog running away from its leash, your exotic pet is now safely in your hands.

Customize Your Habitat

Connecting to the previous point, exotic reptiles need a place that has specific heating and lighting needs due to their cold-blooded nature. They also need places to hide in and around, as constant exposure can cause stress. What this means is a fully-customizable habitat where you can let your creativity shine for your reptile. From rocks and boulders to realistic vegetation in the enclosure, it’s more ambitious and fun than simply finding holiday sweaters for your cat.

No Fur? No Problem

Unlike traditional pets like dogs and cats, reptiles do not have fur, which makes it much easier to clean up after. You can say goodbye to stray hairs on your furniture or your clothing before big events. This is perfect for those who are allergic to fur or pet dander but still want something to love. Plus, think of how much money you’ll be saving on grooming products and constant vacuuming!

Small Diet for Small Price

The diet for an exotic reptile is going to depend on the specific species you would have. Some, like geckos, can eat small crickets. Others, like pythons, may be a bit more carnivorous and need creatures such as mice for feeding. Pet owners who prefer the former can save money on food for their exotic creature instead of constantly going to the grocery store for pounds of dry food. Not to mention, you’ll also have a pet who is eating something more natural than pre-made artificial kibbles and bits.

Spend More Time With Your Friend

Getting attached to a pet can be bittersweet. While knowing that you’ll have many years with your animal companion, it can be sad knowing that they will pass on. With exotic reptiles, it can be more sweet than bitter, as their life expectancy far exceeds normal pets. Snakes can live for at least fifteen years, geckos and iguanas into their late teens to early twenties, and turtles can survive for a staggering forty years! Not only will you have an exotic acquaintance for over a decade, but you can pass it on to a family member who is looking to share in the experience, too.

Mellow Moods, But Plenty of Love

Some people like the hustle and energy of dogs, and that is perfectly fine. However, some people may need something more mellow to watch over, whether it is due to age or simply having a calmer personality. No matter what the case may be, owning an exotic reptile can be very low-energy provided that you raise it healthy and safe. This does not mean that they are without personality; on the contrary, they may show more of an affectionate personality given that they are not so expressive with movement.

No Need for Training

You may think that owning a lizard, turtle, snake, or any reptile requires a lot of training, much like you would with dogs or cats. With exotic reptiles, this isn’t always the case, as they do not require obedience commands or potty-training. Not only does this make it less stressful to own a pet, but it can time and money that would’ve been spent with trainers. Your pet reptile will truly be a reflection of you if you treat it kindly and with respect.

From green iguanas to baby leopard turtles and everything in between, owning an exotic reptile can be an experience that other pet owners will miss out on. Stand out from the rest, show your stripes and own an exotic reptile today!