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4th of July Fireworks

With the Fourth of July upon us, what is your recommendation for managing my anxious dog while the fireworks are going off? The noise pollution…

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February Is National Pet Dental Month

Dental disease is a problem that is often under recognized in pets since owners rarely look into their pets' mouths, and pets cannot complain.  Cats…

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Foods… What’s Safe/Dangerous

What people foods are dangerous to my pets?  What should I do if my pets eat one of these foods? Well first it depends on what specific pet you…

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Holiday Hazards Tips

Keep your pets safe this holiday season! Here are some of the top hazards to avoid this time of year: 1. Seasonal toxic plants include mistletoe,…

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Holiday Hazards Tips – 2

Holiday pet hazards and tips. If you get a real Christmas tree, be sure our pet doesn't drink the water. It likely contains chemicals to preserve…

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How To – Pet Purchase

I am wondering how to decide how to choose the best pet store to purchase a pet for my child? Do you have a preference? Choosing the right pet…

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