Small Mammal

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Annual Exams – Are They Necessary?

QUESTION: I have two hamsters that seem to be in good health and are about six and a half months old. Should I take them to the vet for check-ups…

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Appropriate Pet Bedding Tips

QUESTION: Does the bedding that I use in my pet’s cage really matter?  I have a guinea pig and a bearded dragon. ANSWER: The decision of…

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Guinea Pig – Dermatitis/Skin Conditions

QUESTION: My guinea pig has dry flaky skin over his back and he is very itchy.  I was planning to bring him to a vet for this but lately I have…

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Hedgehog – Good or Bad Pet?

QUESTION: I'm thinking about getting a small pet for my kids (kids are 6 and 9 years old).  Would a hedgehog be a good or bad idea?  How long do…

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My Guinea Pig Has a Bald Spot

When my sisters recently gave me a guinea pig, Millie, she had a bald spot on her back but no other bald spots. It's almost in the shape of a heart.…

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Rabbit – Change in Behavior/Aggression

QUESTION: My rabbit is acting aggressive towards her cage-mate and I've noticed that her urine is very cloudy and occasionally has an orange to…

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Rabbit/Guinea Pigs – Bedding and Mites

QUESTION: I have rabbits and guinea pigs.  What is the best bedding to use in their cages? Can mites be transmitted through the…

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