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Advice Before Purchasing Turtle/Tortoise

QUESTION:  Do you have any advice for someone who is considering buying a turtle or tortoise? ANSWER: Before purchasing a turtle or…

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Aquarium Size Tips

QUESTION: I have two baby red eared slider turtles.  I have them in a 10 gallon tank, but realize that they need more space.  What is the ideal…

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Leopard Gecko – Dysecdysis (Skin Shedding)

QUESTION: My leopard gecko has skin stuck to his feet and he seems lethargic.  What should I do? Answer: When a reptile has problems…

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Reptile Lighting Requirements

QUESTION: Do all reptiles need special lighting?  What light source is necessary for my pet bearded dragon? ANSWER: Many reptiles have an…

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Reptile Pet Bedding Tips

QUESTION: Does the bedding that I use in my pet’s cage really matter?  I have a guinea pig and a bearded dragon. ANSWER: The decision of…

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Tortoise – Pre-Purchase Considerations

QUESTION:  I am considering buying a tortoise.  Are there any issues particular to tortoises that I should be aware of?  What type of tortoise…

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Tortoise Post-Hibernation Respiratory Disease

QUESTION: My tortoise recently woke up from hibernation and seems really weak and won't eat normally.  What should I do? ANSWER: We have a…

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Tortoise Urates/Blockage

QUESTION: I've noticed that my tortoise has been straining and grunting when going to the bathroom recently and only urates are coming out.  What…

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