Laser Therapy

Cat and Exotic Care Now Offers Laser Therapy

Faster Healing, Less Pain, No Drugs

Cat and Exotic Care is proud to introduce our newest service: therapeutic laser. Laser therapy is a non-invasive, non-painful, and drug-free option that is used to treat a huge variety of conditions. Most animals that undergo a laser treatment, experience some benefits even within hours – whether used alone or in conjunction with more traditional treatments.

Laser therapy works by flooding the affected tissue with invisible photons or light waves in a process called photobiomodulation (I know, it just rolls of the tongue!). The tissue respond to this energy by increasing the activity of the cells, increasing circulation and oxygen to the area, and stimulating cell movement and the development of new blood vessels. Laser also has a direct effect on pain sensors, reducing nerve “firing” and blocking some of the chemical pathways that lead to pain and inflammation. It’s pretty cool.

Here’s the great news – there are no known side effects to laser therapy!

  • Treatments are very soothing and relaxing, similar to sensation to a warm compressing and massage
  • Most animals (including cats) tolerate treatments extremely well
  • Reduced healing time
  • Decreased pain
  • Most treatments are quick, requiring only 3-6 minutes
  • Totally non-invasive:  no clipping or sedation needed
  • Owners are present for the treatments – it is fun and relaxing!
  • May decrease or even eliminate the need for other medications or treatments
  • We now incorporate post-operative laser treatments into all of our surgical and dental procedures to decrease pain

The beautiful thing is that we are discovering more and more applications for laser treatment everyday.  Studies have shown great success treating the following conditions:

  • Chronic arthritis and joint or back pain
  • Post-surgical pain
  • Chronic and acute ear infections
  • Gingivitis and stomatitis (inflammation of the gums and mouth)
  • Non-healing or slow-healing conditions like lick granulomas
  • Acute orthopedic and soft tissue injuries including fractures, sprains, and strains
  • Wounds and skin infections, including hot spots
  • Bladder pain
  • Abdominal pain and upset stomach
  • Ear hematomas

Schedule your laser therapy consultation today – we offer discounts on multi-treament packages!